First United Methodist Church of Seffner

All available records show that what is now "The First United Methodist Church of Seffner" began in 1888.  In July of 1889, three lots were purchased for a sanctuary and parsonage.  This is the current location of the church today.

In 1917, the sanctuary was destroyed and the parsonage badly damaged by a hurricane.  They were both rebuilt with the help of the congregation, the Church Extension Board of the Methodist Church and with God working continuously by our side.

In 1934, under the pastorate of the Rev. W.C. Norton, a combination Sunday School building and recreation hall was completed.  Rev. Norton donated all the timber for the hall from a tract of land he owned.  The hall was later named Henderson Hall in honor of Seffner Women’s Society’s first president and organizer, Mrs. Ida Henderson.

                                                    Mrs. Ida Henderson  

                                                        Henderson Hall - Built 1934

In May of 1934, Colonel Charles Spencer gave the church some property on what is now Martin Luther King Blvd as an endowment.  The building that was there was repaired and a filling station and garage were erected.  This property was then rented to aid in paying the expenses of the church.  In respect to Colonel Spencer, the name of the church was changed to Spencer Memorial Methodist church.  Colonel Spencer died in 1935 after a very active civic and political life in Tampa and south Florida.


    This is the building as it stood until early 2016, on the southwest corner of Martin

Luther King Blvd. and Lenna Ave.

In 1947, a new parsonage was built.  It was located beside the sanctuary on Seffner Street.  It was built during the pastorate of Rev. J.W. Wyrick.  This wooden structure has since been given to a family and relocated in

Hillsborough County.

                               The parsonage as it is today, home to another family.


In 1959, under the pastorate of Rev. Reid Gass, a sanctuary has its beginning.  It was designed under the direction of Mr. John Naugle.  The sanctuary was built around the original wooden sanctuary using the original supports and roof beams.  The much needed sanctuary was then erected.  Seen from the air the roof appears in the design of a cross.  It is formed by the peaks of the roof where the two roof tops were joined.

                            Wesley Hall as it stands today facing Seffner Ave.
            It is
used for Sunday School rooms and Boy Scout and Girl
Scout meetings.

Because of the growth that the church was undergoing, there was a need for larger Sunday School facilities. 

In 1961, the existing Sunday School classrooms were built.  The following year a kitchen was added to

Henderson Hall.

Sunday School classrooms now known as Asbury Hall

The next step in history was when the District Church Conference felt it necessary for Spencer Memorial Methodist
Church to change its name.  It seems there was another church by the name in Hillsborough County and for a
lack of confusion; the name was changed to the First Methodist Church of Seffner in 1966.


Three years later in 1969, the church again changed its name because there was a merger of the Methodist Church
and the Evangelical United Brethren Church.  The new and current name is The First United Methodist Church of


A building boom began again for this church in 1974 under the pastorate of the Rev. Lloyd McClelland.  It
began with a new parsonage located on Wense Avenue on a half-acre of land donated by Bill and Lucille Kramer.


Sadly, this parsonage was lost in a fire due to an "act of God"
(storm damage that set off an electrical fire) in 2015.

In 1975, Henderson Hall was razed to make way for a new social hall.  The old building served God and the
community for nearly forty years and brought much happiness to those who used it.  The current fellowship
hall has hosted many events, celebrations and festivities of all kinds.  It has been a haven for the tired,
a venue for learning and growing in Christ.   Longtime member and church leader Howard Davis supervised the construction of the parsonage and fellowship hall.

                                      The Fellowship Hall facing Wense Ave.

By the early 1980’s it was evident that a larger sanctuary was needed.  Plans were formed, finances were studied

and then a new building emerged.   The previous sanctuary was remodeled to accommodate a chapel, and eight additional classrooms.  By 1986, the new sanctuary was ready for worship.  Many people and families have come

to call Seffner United Methodist – home, a place to find guidance, support and direction.

                                        Groundbreaking Service – Early 1985                            

                            Groundbreaking Service led by Rev. John Harrington

                                The beginning of the new Sanctuary – April 1985

After eight months of construction, the new sanctuary was consecrated on 20 October 1985.

                The current Sanctuary facing South Kingsway Road                  

                                             Inside the current Sanctuary 

By the 1990’s the Seffner community was beginning to grow and expand.  First Seffner developed the necessary programs and ministries to accommodate this growth spurt in our community.  Beginning in 1992, Seffner Methodist
put into place new programs such as a Spanish speaking Bible story time with the Hispanic community in Dover, the
youth had expanded to over 30 in attendance on a regular basis, and new candidates for full time ministry were
emerging from this group.

In January 1988, under the direction of Mrs.Emma Davis, church historian, the church began a year long celebration
of our heritage and our 100 years in the Seffner community.

In 2013, Seffner Methodist celebrated our 125th year as presence in the community.  A special service was held each month from January to May.  Previous members and ministers came to worship together and then break bread together following the services.  There were many reconnections made, hugs, laughter and memories shared around the table. 

Seffner Methodist was among the honored churches at the annual Florida Conference for celebrating 125 years.  We
are so blessed!

The middle banner above “Standing on the Promises” represents 125 years as a
      presence in Seffner.  Our banner was held by Eric Nelson, Lay Delegate at the
                                                 Florida Conference.

With the turn of the century, there were new challenges, ones that took a lot of time and energy to walk through.  As Seffner Methodist was redefining how to do ministry and encountering extensive facility upkeep, the congregation developed a position of “maintaining” rather than “moving forward”.  However, in Seffner Methodist style, situations were resolved and we are not just moving forward, but running forward. 


Through the years we have had the privilege of:

  • Partnering with other denominations to give them a temporary home

  • Connecting with sister churches in Cuba

  • Being affiliated with the Federal Nutrition Program for Senior Citizens

  • Various children, youth and young adult programs

  • Adult, youth and children’s choirs

  • Celebrations to honor our veterans and saints who have gone before us

  • A facility to give refuge and support to the broken in body and spirit through various ministries past and present including: Family Promise, Meals on Wheels, Celebrate Jesus, and I am Hope Café, to name a few.

Our future is focused on spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the community and we welcome all who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior into our Church Family.